Are Server Processors Good For Gaming?

With the increment of the gaming community, computer systems are also improving. The gaming field is becoming competitive day by day so every second in gaming affects results. So, most of the people recommend multiple core processors. The better the processors better the gaming experience and performance. There are many high-level processors for gaming purposes only. Also, there are different brands of processors too in the market. Are server processors actually good at gaming?

But what if we add server processors to our PC. According to the functionality, server processors should be much powerful than normal processors. But it is not totally true. First of all, what are server processors? Basically, server processors are not much different from normal processors.  Server CPUs can run for longer periods of time at 100% sustained loads, whereas normal processors can’t handle much workload. So, when server CPUs can handle much load and work time but are they really good for gaming?

Intel Xeon server processors for gaming
Intel Xeon

When you install a server processor on your desktop you won’t see any special changes to the functionality. All your drives, storage, or other things will work the same as before. Also, server processors use the same type of sockets like other normal processors. To upgrade your processor you will just have to exchange the CPU in the motherboard. And if you open any high resolution or any other games you will find the FPS is the same as before. Then why are server CPUs more expensive and more powerful?

Difference Between Server Processors And Normal Processors

Server processors are put through all kinds of tests under stressful conditions such as higher temperatures, strict environmental conditions, and high computing loads. They are specially designed for reliability. There is a technology in server processors called Error Code Correction (ECC). This feature helps the processor to correct memory errors that can affect stability. Also, they can process more data in and out of memory and other subsystems. These all features are server processor exclusive features. These features make the server processors more powerful than normal processors.


Looking at all the features of server CPUs we can tell that they are pretty useless in gaming. So, upgrading to server processors only for gaming purposes is not a good decision. We can easily get a better GPU at the same price as the server processor. And yeah server processors cost a lot. Many people and also developers don’t recommend server processors for gaming. We have even written an article on buying a PC under Rs.130K. Check that out if you are willing to build one.


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