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There are many website builders like Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, and many more to build your website in an easy way just by drag and drop or editing the themes. There are not many themes for the wedding site in those sites. But we found a site from where you can create your wedding website easier than before. Keep reading this article to find out more about how to create the best wedding website easily from the 8b website builder.

Introduction of 8b

8b is the online website builder that lets anyone create their choice of a website fast, mobile-optimized, and Google Friendly for free as well as for paid too. Like any other online website builders, 8b is for the people who don’t have much programming knowledge but still want to make better, good looking, and effective websites just in a matter of minutes. It is also known for its top-notch website building platform.

The platform has a very user-friendly interface with lots of customizable options like font, color, texts, backgrounds, images, etc. It has its flexible mobile app from where you can build websites directly through mobile too with ease. You can view the website from different sized devices like smartphones, tablets, or even desktops as it is very responsive. You can even connect your own domain in 8b or start with a free website using the subdomain. And the more interesting thing is that you can create unlimited pages in the site and it is well optimized to load very fast.

There are many templates ranging from portfolio, events, shop, gaming, wedding, and many more. In this article, we will mostly focus on creating wedding websites using the 8b platform in some easy steps.

Be ready to build your wedding website by opening 8b and starting with us by selecting the wedding template from the drop-down menu.

How to create a wedding website using 8b for free:

1. Choose a template:

wedding template being chosen for building website from 8b

The very first thing you need to do is choosing a template from the very first 8b homepage. In our case, we are going to build a wedding website for us so we will choose a wedding template from the dropdown menu on the homepage of the 8b website then it will take you to name the page.

choose site name to continue building website

2. Sign Up

After naming your website you will be prompted to signup using Facebook, Google or E-mail. You can sign up from any one of those options. And you will directly get access to edit your website and make changes on the template.

8b login/signup page

3. Edit the Template

After successfully signing up to the website you will get your own customizable template for your wedding website. You can change the text fonts, colours, position of the text, images, background colour, webpage name, social media link and icons, and many more. Designing is just some minutes of work using 8b. You can put your own gallery section for the wedding, manage members to be shown on the website as well as placing the icons.

8b wedding website template editor

The best thing about the wedding website is that it includes the day counter as well to know when your wedding is actually going to happen.

3. Publish

After you had successfully designed the website as per your wish you can now publish the website publicly. But be sure to preview your site before publishing to fix any mistakes that had happened in the designing process. If you want to use the website for free you should have to stick around with after your website name. For example, My website name in DemoWed and I would get instead of in the free version. But if you had connected your own domain then there will not be any problem in publishing the website.

published wedding website created from 8b website builder

Tips for your wedding website:

  • Use more photos of your couples/yourself.
  • Use your own preferable color on the website.
  • Make it simple, short, and sweet.
  • Avoid writing long paragraphs.


After experiencing 8b online website builder I feel like it is way easier than any other alternative website builder out on the internet at least for the wedding website. We were able to create a stunning and cool looking website just under some minutes. So, according to me, it is the best wedding website builder. Isn’t it cool to customize your website without having much knowledge of programming?
You can also try out 8b for free:

What are the simple steps to create a wedding site for free using 8b?

You can create a website from 8b in just three simple steps:
1. Choose a template
2. Edit the site
3. Publish it.


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