CS:GO Pro Players Zeus and S1mple got Twitch ban

Twitch is an unbeatable leader in the streaming scene, with both streamers and viewers surpassing every other live streaming sites. They are largely responsible for growing E-sports and first choice for viewers as well as live streamers due to the features they provide that others can’t. Twitch allegedly been banning streamers from past days. Many big streamers like Ninja, allinity, Dr.Disrespect was banned and now Zeus and s1mple have got Twitch ban.

Why Zeus and s1mple got Twitch ban?

s1mple CS:GO, twitch ban

Recently, two of the most iconic and professional Counter-Strike players for Natus Vincere (NAVI) has been banned on Twitch. One of the best CS:GO player ‘s1mple‘ and former in-game leader Zeus got their third ban from Twitch. And the duration of their ban can also be extended but it is not sure.

The reason for both of the bans is unclear and Twitch has not given any statement on this. No one is sure why s1mple was banned but s1mple himself admitted that he mocked Twitch’s system for inability to control the platform.

This means there are many fake accounts and live streams of popular streamers conducting a fake giveaway. But Twitch has not taken any action to that fake channels instead they are banning real accounts. He even tweeted regarding this incident in a funny way.

This incident has attracted many of the players and followers and is a hot topic in the Counter-Strike community. Both S1mple and Zeus have an amazing history in the past together. They have won many CS:GO tournaments with Na’Vi, such as ESL One: Cologne 2018, BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2018, and more. But now they are banned in Twitch together.


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