DBRadar: Find if your data is leaked or not?

The Internet is a very useful means of communication and other tasks. We can do any kind of task using the Internet. Online shopping, distance education, online banking, etc has made our life more easier and secure. But are we secure enough? The major risk on the Internet is Data Breach. Recently the data of more than 170 thousand Vianet customers has been breached. We can see that the data of people is easily being leaked by only surfing the internet. So, what can we do to know if our data is being breached or not? Don’t worry DBRadar is here to save your data by notifying you.

Way to Know Data Breach?

A data breach exposes confidential, sensitive, or protected information to an unauthorized person. There are many tools and systems which claims that they find data breach and ask some personal information for that. Not every system is a scam but some may be. Some sites may breach our data in the name of finding a data breach. So what is a trusted site to find that? Well, one of the trusted sites is known as DBRradar.The amazing thing is this site is created by a Nepali developer.

What is Dbradar?

dbradar know data breach information stolen

DBRadar is a site that lets you know your data is being accessed by others without your permission or simply being breached or not. This site is powered by HIBP’s API. Dbradar lets you search through more than 450 data breaches with over 9 Billion compromised accounts. If you sign-in on the website you get the notification through email if your email became leak in the future. Also, you can know if someone else is querying your email or not. It keeps track of how many times your data is being queried.


It is a legal website. You shouldn’t worry to use this site. This website also keeps the record of the total data breaches. We all have heard a saying ” Prevention is better than cure.” Like that it checks the status of your personal credentials as soon as possible. And never provide your information to an untrusted website. If we are not doing any illegal activity and only just surfing the internet also, our data is unsafe.

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Our personal data is very sensible. Many illegal activities can be done using the information if it goes to the wrong hands. The main reason for the increment of cybersecurity is such types of activities. The Internet is like a vow to our generation as well as to the next generation. But some people are misusing it. That’s the main problem. Everyone should know what is happening with their data and information online. Check the venerability of your data and credentials and be safe.


Nixan Gauli

Hey Folks! Nixan is a tech enthusiast from Nepal who has been in the tech field for a long time. I am into smartphones and different IoT devices which drives me crazy as a geeky person. I was working with TechSathi as a blogger/author for 1 year. Another fact about me is I am a Casual Gamer and a live streamer on YouTube (Nixan).

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