Google with Discord and mainstream service suffers from service outage

Discord Service Outage caused the text and image to be not sent

Google suffered a major service outage today afternoon. Many of the Google services were down and people were suffering from the outage. Not only Google services it seemed to affect most of the services like Discord, Verizon, Pokemon Go, and many more.

Google Service Outage

Google Services including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Slides, Sites, Groups, Chat, Meet, Keep, and Voice are experiencing disruption. This is being reported on the G-Suite Status Dashboard. We have been seeing failure in uploading attachments across Google Services. Even while uploading videos on YouTube, creating a new email, or uploading the files in both personal or G-Suite Gmail accounts.

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  • DownDetector reports on Discord service Outage

Our team also encountered the issue when we were trying to surf YouTube. People could not send messages and images on Discord as well. There was another service disruption some months ago as well.

DownDetector Reports

DownDetector is showing a huge report spike showing the issues with Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, and YouTube. Twitter is also flooded by the number of tweets reporting to YouTube for having errors while uploading videos. According to the Down Detector, the issue seems to be global and not only in some countries. We were able to see massive reports of different apps and games like Discord, Zoom, Pok√©mon Go, etc.

major google service outage downdetector reports

Now, most of the service is resuming and seems to be perfectly fine. The major service outage from different apps and games has been already fixed as of now. If there would be any more updates regarding the service outage, we would be sure to cover them.


Nixan Gauli

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