How To Make A Facebook Avatar in Nepal?

Most of you know Bitmoji in Android and Memoji in iOS devices. Similar to those services Facebook has launched its Avatar feature globally. The feature was launched some months ago but was only available in some countries. Now, the company has made the Facebook avatar feature available Globally including Nepal. In this article, I will be showing how you can make your own Facebook Avatar in Nepal. And further down, you can also see what are the uses of it.

How to Make your own Facebook Avatar in Nepal?

Nowadays, Facebook is filled with people posting their avatars in their timeline. Many of you might want to know how it can be made? You have come to the right article for it.

Here are the steps to make Facebook Avatar in Nepal using Facebook App.

1. Go to Avatar Section

  • Click on the 3 lines menu on the top-right corner of the Facebook App,
  • Scroll Down and click on See More,
  • Tap the Avatar tab.
avatar section in Facebook App
Avatar section

2. Click on Next

You will see a screen like an image below. Click on next to start customizing your Facebook Avatar.

screen after opening facebook avatar

3. Customize your Avatars

You can then begin customizing your own Avatar. You can customize the following things as given in the photos.

  • Skin Tone
  • Hair Style
  • Face Shape
  • Eye Shape
  • Eyebrows
  • Eye Wears
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Facial Hair
  • Body Shape
  • Outfit
  • Head Wear
  • Accessories: Bindi, Ear Rings, and Nose Rings
  • customizable skin tone in Facebook Avatar
  • customizable hair style in Facebook Avatar
  • customizable face shape in Facebook Avatar
  • customizable eye shape in Facebook Avatar
  • customizable eyebrows in Facebook Avatar in Nepal
  • customizable eyewears in Facebook Avatar
  • customizable nose in Facebook Avatar
  • customizable mouth in Facebook Avatar
  • customizable facial hair in Facebook Avatar
  • customizable body shape in Facebook Avatar
  • customizable outfit in Facebook Avatar
  • customizable head wear in Facebook Avatar
  • customizable bindi and earrings in Facebook Avatar
  • customizable nose ring in Facebook Avatar in nepal

4. Post it on Facebook

Finally, after customizing your Avatar you can post it on Facebook with 3 different poses. Not only that you can even use it as your profile picture too.

different poses of Avatars in Facebook
Different poses

What is the use of Facebook Avatar?

Just like you use Bitmoji characters on Snapchat for messages, stories or even sharing snaps, you can use Facebook Avatar for exact same purpose.

  • You can use Facebook Avatar in the comment section of posts.
  • You can use it as a sticker in the Messenger App while messaging.
  • It can also be used in Facebook stories as a sticker.

A Tech Enthusiast, Bedbyas Pokhrel has made a video on YouTube teaching you how to make your own Facebook Avatar in Nepali language. Have a look at this video for a detailed explanation.


Can we make Avatar from Facebook Lite?

NO, you cannot make Avatar from the lite version of Facebook. You should use the original version i.e. Facebook to create your own Avatar.

How to make Facebook Avatar from Desktop?

Unfortunately, you cannot make Avatar from the Desktop version of Facebook. But, you can use the Avatar from desktop after you make it from the mobile version.


Nixan Gauli

Hey Folks! Nixan is a tech enthusiast from Nepal who has been in the tech field for a long time. I am into smartphones and different IoT devices which drives me crazy as a geeky person. I was working with TechSathi as a blogger/author for 1 year. Another fact about me is I am a Casual Gamer and a live streamer on YouTube (Nixan).

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