How to protect Google account from attackers?

Google has made an online authorization system a lot easier and simple. It gives us many features like text messaging, picture sending, and sending of different media. Google account contains lots of our personal data. If somehow any person accessed our Gmail/Google account it would be very dangerous to us and our data. What can we do to protect our google account? Let’s find out in this article.

What should we do to be safe?

Yesterday, I was randomly surfing the Internet. Mistakenly I opened google security panel. Then I started to check the settings of my Google account. Then I saw a random device connected to my account. I saw the location of the device was a foreign country. How could this be possible? I have not shared my account with anyone. I asked some people about this and found some other people have also seen an unknown device connected to their account.

(unknown device) protect google account

Here are some steps to protect your google account.

1. Enable Two Factor Authorization.

Go to the security panel of your google account ( and there you can easily set up 2FA. You have to add a mobile number so that you have to verify every sign in.

2. Change password from time to time.

This may be a little hard because if you change your password you will sign out every account connected with google. But this will help a lot to keep your account safe. At least do it once a month.

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3. Check your Gmail daily

If any device sign in to your account you will get notified by google using Gmail. So, check your Gmail inbox at least once a day. From there you can easily sign out unknown devices.

4. Check Connected devices

You can see all the connected devices to your account in google security panel. Check it from time to time. If you see an unknown device connected change your password and sign out that device. If you have 2FA enabled chances of unknown devices connected are low.


If you follow these steps you can secure your account from being attacked. But we are not a hundred percent secure. If you see any suspicious activity happening with your account feel free to ask support to google. Some people also may have an online banking system connected to the google account. Therefore we should be safe before a disaster happens. You can follow these steps and be safe from losing your google account.


Nixan Gauli

Hey Folks! Nixan is a tech enthusiast from Nepal who has been in the tech field for a long time. I am into smartphones and different IoT devices which drives me crazy as a geeky person. I was working with TechSathi as a blogger/author for 1 year. Another fact about me is I am a Casual Gamer and a live streamer on YouTube (Nixan).

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