Instagram Merges Direct Messages and Facebook Messenger

After acquiring Instagram by Facebook on April 9 2012 at $1B, it has been working independently ever since. Instagram had gone with a lot of changes in this time interval from posts to stories to IGTV to Reels. And now Instagram merges Direct Messages and Facebook Messenger to make messaging easy across the Facebook server.

Instagram Merges Messenger

Facebook has begun merging Messenger chat with Instagram’s direct message system. After the merge, people will be able to talk with messenger contacts directly through Instagram. It also includes swipe to reply, long press to react messages with emoticons and a colourful chat option. With this merge, there will be every function of the messenger on Instagram itself.

A while back, Facebook had already announced that they will be merging the chat features of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. These services are acquired by Facebook and have a billion users in each of them but still, they cannot communicate together. With this merge, it will be easy and convenient to chat with a person in the same message box instead of different messages. As per me, people who are at only one platform I don’t want them to be on the same message box which looks clumsy and unorganized.

According to the media, the company is also trying to merge voice and video calling features between Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Recent Updates

Messenger has also gone through different small noticeable updates if you had used it most often as I do. Sometimes, the seen indicator shows the small profile bubble. And sometimes it just shows the names of people who have seen the message. Once it even got the feature of reacting love when double-tapping the message but soon after Messenger removed the feature.

In the recent update of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp they have kept their product branding on the app loading screen. The company also tried to copy the Facebook profile data such as birth date to the Instagram profile.


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