Get International Payment card From Nepal in 2020

Finally you can get Mastercard in Nepal for International Transaction

Nepal is really backward in issuing International Payment Gateway and Mastercard in the country. As the banks do not provide you with International Payment Card in Nepal. I am sure you want to know about how to get an International Payment Activated Card in Nepal and which bank to apply for one? Let’s get right into today’s topic of interest that everyone is interested in. In this article, you will be able to know how you can get Mastercard or Dollar Card from Nepal.

How to get an International Payment Card in Nepal?

Basically, there are 2 ways where you can get the International Card from Nepal. There are near to 0 banks that do not give you an International card. From the research, I have found out that 3 banks that will provide you International Payment Activated Card under specific criteria.

Which banks provide International Payment Card in Nepal?

1. NIC ASIA Bank
2. Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL)
3. Standard Chartered Bank

The ways to get Mastercard in Nepal are as given below with a detail explanation:

1. When you are going abroad:

The first method to get International Card is to show the documents that you are going abroad to the bank. The document includes a passport, visa, and confirmed air ticket. Let’s say if you are going to a certain country and you want your money to be transacted directly to Nepal and be used from Nepal. Then you can issue a Dollar (International Payment Activated) card from the banks mentioned above.

But if you don’t want your money to be in Nepal then it’s easy for you to make a Bank account from the country you are going to.

2. Showing source of Dollar income source

The second way to get a Dollar card in Nepal is by showing a stable source of foreign income which can enter a certain amount of money every month. If your source of income is very low you might not be eligible to issue the card. At the same time, if you are earning more than $500 or $1000 then you may easily get the International Payment Card from Nepali Banks.

The Dollar income source maybe from Freelancing, working for foreign companies, NGOs, etc.


The International Cards issued from Nepal may not work in India and Bhutan. But, it will work all around the globe. It is very hard to get the Card in the first place as many people won’t be going abroad or will not have Dollar income. Even if you have foreign income, you need to enter a certain amount of money every month. And, your income source should be stable. Normal citizens won’t be able to get these cards from Nepal.


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