List Of Games That Became Bad After Update

As the COVID-19 pandemic is getting worse, more and more people are gaming inside home nowadays. It is the best thing to do to keep you busy and entertained. There are many good video games to play as well as some video games that have bad narration and UI. In this article, I will show you the list of games that become bad after updates. Basically, the gamers are not feeling the same for the games after the useless and money-making updates.

Video games that became bad after update

  1. World of Warships
  2. Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  3. Star War Galaxies

1. World of Warships

world of warships cover photo with logo and ships fighting

This game started out very fun but is another entity corrupted by greed over time. Although it is free to play, if you try to play it for free you likely won’t have any fun.

The game is increasingly becoming “play to win”. Premium ships completely outclass their regular grind-able counterparts. In some situations is so extreme that it is “trollingly laughable” since many of these ships end up with “magical” attributes.

Premium ships are increasingly out of the grasp of the casual gamer, having an extreme time requirement to grind. The producing company makes competitive game modes where the most recent premium ships will perform the best over any other normal competition in order to increase incentives for people to buy them.

There is only one game mode for gaming against other players in a non-organized fashion – the “random game”. The game matchmaker is notoriously broken and it’s common for teams to end up heavily lopsided in terms of player skill. It is also common to find yourself completely outclassed by the competition you get matched up against (tier 8 ships being matched with tier 10 ships).

The casual gamer will spend many hours grinding a tech line to find themselves fodder for both premium and higher tier ships as they try to progress. Even if their team ends up winning a match the non-premium experience often feels like a loss. The ship composition of such games is also ridiculous; its not uncommon to find games where battleships compose about half of each team.

world of warships game played and destroyed enemy ship

There are highly questionable aiming and shell flight dynamics that they have fiddled with more and more as time has progressed. There are definitely bugs in the shell flight system, and I think more bugs are going unnoticed the more they fiddle with it (aiming high on a ship that is turning toward you and the shells still fall short).

This can be shell drop or simply shell flight behavior but is overall absurd (Slava having shell flight paths that get more accurate the farther away) to have to deal with. If you have visibility on a ship and it goes behind an island and you can still see it you might be able to drop shells on it, but shockingly if it disappears your shells will hit the island.

Finally, carriers just don’t belong in this game. I feel that this is true with or without the highly controversial rework they recently did on carrier play.

2. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CSGO player cheating in the game that made game bad for normal players

The behavior of players over time repeatedly showed that the game has a huge problem with cheaters. This game regularly has an increasing amount of hacks that seem to have dedicated communities developing. A game patch would be released one day to address “security” and literally hours after it released hackers would be testing their hack programs.

It is such a severe problem that it made me wonder if the developers for the game were also the ones programming the hacks. Even the ones that do get caught can simply go buy a new game license very cheaply making the risk of cheating nearly obsolete.

Alexander Lee

Over time it showcased that the core programming for the game was done inappropriately, and Valve doesn’t have any interest in addressing it appropriately or is completely incompetent in doing so.

The counter-strike community itself is also one of the most toxic things you will encounter on the internet.

3. Star War Galaxies

star wars galaxies fighting a big enemy

Many people are likely not familiar with this game. This makes sense though as the game came out 17 years ago in 2003. Star Wars Galaxies (SWG for short) was a massive open-world MMO that was roughly similar to World of Warcraft and The Old Republic. It hit right around the time the prequels were coming out and aimed to capitalize on the growing MMO market and the Star Wars fandom.

How did Star War Galaxies game became bad?

Well, players may notice that 1 profession is oddly missing. It would be the profession most people wanted.

How Jedi killed Star War Galaxies?

Jedi are a tough issue for a number of reasons:

  1. Jedi are overpowered (supposed to be) compared to other classes
  2. Jedi are extremely rare with only 3 existing during the galactic civil war
  3. Everyone wants to be a Jedi

Well at first the plan was simple. If players leveled up high enough they could become a Jedi and be extremely overpowered. As this Jedi did more stuff like completing missions, killing players, or doing whatever they would gain notoriety with the Empire. And eventually, Vader would come down and kill them.

It was a good concept- one that would work. But the developer chose to go with something else. So the dev team wanted to do a system where the most dedicated hardcore players would become Jedi. Basically there would be a secret checklist where players would have to do everything in the game. Kill bosses, use emotes, join guilds, etc. The list was secret though and only players who did literally everything would become Jedi.

So it was decided that players would get to become a Jedi after mastering 4 different professions in order. This was still secret though and nobody knew this.

The game comes out and everyone wants to know how you become a Jedi. Millions of players theorize and work together and every little thing in the game is analyzed.

As time went on though Sony (the money behind the game) wanted Jedi. Christmas was around the corner and having Jedi would be a selling point.

Since the players didn’t know how to become Jedi nobody was even close. So Sony demanded that the dev studio drop some hints and get someone to Jedi ASAP.

The devs would then create holocrons.

A Holocron would be dropped from a boss and it would tell a player exactly what profession to master next. 4 holocrons would lead to the player knowing the path and becoming a Jedi- easy enough.

Right before Christmas, someone became a Jedi. She told the community what she did and everyone figured it out- you had to master professions to become a Jedi.

In terms of lore, this worked. It was hard to do so there were only a few Jedi. The few Jedi out there were extremely OP and could kill anyone with ease- but since there were so few this didn’t matter.

star war galaxies game that became bad after updates

The community was up in arms over this. There were serious issues with this system

  • It took months to master a profession- making this a huge time sink
  • Players like the professions they chose. Abandoning them to chase becoming a Jedi made things less fun
  • The Holocrons only dropped from certain bosses. Since the game was an open-world MMO this meant thousands of players would be hanging out at boss-spawns fighting over the holocrons.
  • Noncombat players- who made up over half the player case- couldn’t become Jedi because they could not kill bosses.

Then World of Warcraft came out. World of Warcraft was an amazing game (I am told I never played it) and it set the standard for MMOs. This is how things went from here:

  1. Players upset over this Jedi nonsense begin switching to WoW.
  2. The SWG devs decided to make becoming a Jedi easier to keep players.
    1. They introduced basic questline players can follow in order to become a Jedi.
  3. Everyone starts following the quest and now more people are Jedis than ever
  4. These Jedi players begin to troll people- showing up in towns and killing all the players
  5. This made the game less fun and players begin to leave by the thousands. Even players who just wanted to be doctors couldn’t play because Jedi would just show up and kill them
  6. The SWG devs remade the combat system in the game to be more like World of Warcraft
  7. Players HATE this combat system more than the Jedi stuff because it is awful.
  8. More players left.
  9. The SWG devs remake the whole game- killing the 30+ professions and making it so there are 9 classes,
    1. Jedi is now a starting class and is no longer overpowered.
  10. What few people were left quit.
  11. The game shuts down in 2011 but by then nobody was playing anyway.

These are the games that became bad after updates. But still, the games are trying to improve. Even Valve is kicking the cheaters from the game. Still, Cheaters in CSGO always find a new way to cheat in game and take the top frags.


Nixan Gauli

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