Spotify launches Video Podcast feature

Video Podcast can be next generation thing

Spotify is a Swedish cross-platform application, used for streaming music playback. We can listen to the music of different artists, albums, etc. Overall Spotify is a good platform for chilling listening to music. Also, Spotify is one of the best platforms for podcasts broadcasting. Until now podcasts were used to be audio-only but now Spotify also supports video podcast as well.

What are podcasts?

Generally, podcasts are digital audio files that are available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device. They are typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically. But Spotify is adding a new feature ‘Video Podcast’ instead of an audio podcast only.

Spotify Video Podcast feature

According to the company, the feature will be available to both free and premium users in all markets where podcasts are supported. Spotify’s video podcast has some similarities with the audio podcasts. You can still play the podcast while doing other works on the device. Also, you can listen to it after locking the phone like audio podcasts. The main difference is you get an additional video in the podcasts and you can even put in in picture-in-picture mode.

spotify logo with video podcast feature

We can still be able to download podcasts for listening in offline mode. This helps to reduce data usage every time you use Spotify to listen to podcasts. Apart from audio podcasts video podcasts are better in providing information. Because of it containing people’s reactions and body language which makes it more engaging. Video is a more efficient way of exchanging information.

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Think once, do you enjoy listening to audio-only or listening to the same audio with a video? The main reason some people prefer audio than the video is multitasking. But Spotify solved the issue by making the video podcasts run in the background even when the app is minimized. So, you can do multi-tasking as usual.

Spotify is a leading platform in the fields of audio media. The new update of Video Podcast will surely bring a massive change in Spotify. People now can upload the video podcasts on a specific platform. Previously many people also used to upload podcasts to YouTube, but now they have a specific platform to stream video podcasts as well.


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